About us

Anocote Limited CR o. with. It is part of the British company Anochrome Group, which deals with a wide range of surface finishing of metals. The English company was founded in. 1946 and as the first began offering neelektrolytické zinc plating using zinc mikrolamel on the territory of the UK. The company Anocote Limited, CR o. with. was founded in r. 2004 in Hradec Králové, as the sixth company belonging to the English band Anochrome Group. The company is located in the former premises of the CKD Plotiště nad Labem, that starts up again after many years and provides, that could be an important industrial park.
At the time of, When the company began its production in Hradec Králové, offered only one Dacromet coating. Now, its production has expanded to all types of mikrolamelárních of zinc coatings (Zinc Flake Coatings – FlZn.) Dacromet became now only a marginal issues and instead Anocote Limited license permits on the covers of all the four main European and world of color FlZn, which Magni Europe, NOF Metal Coatings, Doerken MKS and Atotech.
In addition to the surface, the company offers both mechanical and chemical ensure the threaded joints, that provide high resistance against spontaneous loosening the bolts. The materials used exhibit very good sealing properties and opaque to most common chemicals, MJ. water, oil, lubricants, etc.
Surface finishes, that company produces, they are used in the construction industry, rail transport, aerospace, automotive and electronics industries, etc.. Currently, the growing automotive industry, and with it the demands of individual producers. The automakers are required in addition to the corrosion resistance of yet another enhancement properties of surfaces. From them come the requirements to ensure the coefficients of friction, the increased resistance to abrasion or shaded parts. For this purpose, different variants have been developed top coatings (top coats). The company Anocote is trying to accommodate these requirements, therefore offers complete services in the area of top coating and is able to provide almost all of the requirements for surfaces FlZn.
The advantage of FlZn against povlakům it is electrolytically comprising, the strength of the bolts are not subject to the effect of hydrogen brittleness and anticorrosive resistance corresponds to the high requirements of the specifications of the automotive industry.
Anocote Ltd. The CZECH REPUBLIC uses the method of anticorrosive protection of metal surface mail Spin Dip method. This line of new generation minimizes the problem of so-called. recess fill, so do headers imbusů and sticking of flat parts. Line Dip coating, Spin on the color was launched in 2005 after their approval processes, impact on the environment. The company also regularly to ensure the rules of environmental protection to all the legal rules and regulations.
The production quality is ensured by the IATF certification 16949:2016. The company provides 100% guarantee, that the strength of the bolts and springs, to which corrosion protection applies, There is no hydrogen brittleness. In the case of the products is guaranteed by the high corrosion resistance 720-1000 NSS and according to requirements and higher.
As a gift to your 10. anniversary of the company's acquired production line for manual spraying parts, which extended the existing production and thus provides its suppliers a greater range of products offered in the best possible quality. The great advantage of the firm are also affordable prices, the relatively short delivery time and individual approach to the customer's requirements.

You can therefore say, Thanks to all, who from the very beginning up to now seek the best possible quality products and services to your customers, bad company Anocote Limited CR o.s. great potential for growth in the future.
ANOCOTE LIMITED, Czech Republic branch, organizational unit,
UID: CZ 26760789, Company: 26760789 registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové under file number A 11378.