Surface finishing technology

Geomet is the newly formed coating based on water containing zinc mikrolamely, which replaces Dacromet. It was developed in the company NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE S.A., located in France. Geometrical is known and used worldwide and meets the technical requirements of all major automobile manufacturers worldwide.
Visual Appearance
This coating is silver-gray. At the customer may comprise a top organic layer of various colors.
Technical specification

Geometrical acts as a protection against corrosion in four ways:

• Barrier Protection: mikrolamely overlapping zinc and aluminum provide excellent barrier between the steel substrate and the corrosive medium.
• Cathodic protection: Zinc contained in a protective coating protects steel.
• Pasivace: metal oxides retard corrosion reaction of zinc and iron, and thereby provide 3 times greater corrosion protection than pure zinc.
• self-correcting feature: Zinc oxidizes and turns to disturbed areas in carbonate, actively heals finish and restores barrier protection.
Its advantage is a thin layer, which provides protection against corrosion from 600 do 1000 hours in a salt spray chamber per ASTM B117.

Main advantages

• excellent appearance
• excellent adhesion finishes
• excellent adhesion to materials
• Compatible with elastic elements
• excellent results in the salt spray chamber (exceeds 600 hours)
• there is a possibility of applying the outer layers to achieve desired properties
• electrically conductive (if not applied resistant top coat)
• small thickness surface about 5-7 microns can be used on parts of small dimensions, because Geomet reduces the possibility of excess paint, and also clog threads
• Can be applied lubricant required
• Low VOC - environmentally friendly
• Geomet 500 It is preferred for threaded connections
• good price
• suitable for application by public Dip Spin
• method of application does not cause hydrogen embrittlement
• water-based, neobsahuje šestimocný chrome
• Excellent bimetallic protection (especially when in contact with aluminum)


• BMW GS 90010 ZnS3
• Ford S438
• GM 3359
• LRES 22.ZS05
• TL245 (VW)
and more.
Offered types of geometrical
Geomet is available in three versions of similar, a to:

Geomet 500

Specially designed for surface treatment of fasteners and smaller parts to achieve corrosion resistance 600 hours. adjusts friction (It gives a typical coefficient of friction 0,15). The friction can be further adjusted by adding additional topcoat. It is a direct replacement surface treatment Dacromet 500.

Geomet 321

This process is used for moldings, fasteners and small parts. Usually it is applied in cases, where required resistance to corrosion 720 hours and more. Allows himself to apply a top layer of sealant, which may contain a lubricant.

Geomet 720

This material is used to achieve high corrosion resistance in a very thin (until 1 500 hours salt spray).

Application methods

Devices require a thorough cleaning of the surface prior to application. Unlike other coatings do not require phosphating of zinc. Application is carried out in three ways:
1. Bulk deposition by soaking in a basket and spun excess paint. This process repeats twice, to ensure a uniform layer and the solid surface. (Dip-Spin)
2. For larger parts suspension method is used, wetting followed by centrifugation to remove excess paint colors. (Dip Drain)
3. Spraying uses traditional robotic spray technology. This method is used for partial treatment of larger parts, such as. brake discs, and also for the uniform surface treatment of recessed portions, at risk of fouling paint.
After each of the above procedures, followed by thermal treatment for surface hardening.

Background material components

Geomet been designed to, to provide excellent corrosion protection for parts made of steel. It can be used on other substrates, such as stainless steel, which contributes to the abrasion resistance, For aluminum helps bimetallic issues. Not applicable to elements made of copper or brass.

Environmental impact

Surface finishes, consisting of zinc mikrolamel, created on the basis of water, They do not require any solvents for diluting and cleaning equipment and machinery. This, all treatments containing zinc mikrolamely, Geometrical most environmentally friendly. His ability to give good protection against corrosion in a weak thickness also reduces environmental impact