Nylon locking systems

Anocote company offers a wide range of pre applicable reinsurance and sealants, eliminating the need for secondary locking device, hand-applied liquid adhesive or sealing tapes.
among the products, we offer include blue and red design Nylon 11, or other colors according to customer requirements.
This type of protection offered under the name Blue Nylon Red Nylon Patch and Patch.
The application is DIN 267-28 or customer.

What are the advantages of using nylon belay systems from Anocote?

• Possibility of blue and red variants, or other custom colors.
• High temperature range up 260 C in orange variant adhesives.
• Reusable.
• Protivibrační.
• Variable length and location of adhesive application.
• Elimination of secondary locking elements, e.g. u matic, washers, etc..
• Automatic security at each position.
• The possibility of coating and adhesive application.
• Resistance to chemicals, including alcohol, oil, oil, kerosene, diesel fuel and hydraulic acids.

What types of nylon thread locking company offers Anocote?

Blue a Red Nylon Patch 180

The anti-vibration locking system is a color variant of nylon 11 with the properties of permanent adhesion to the thread. This process ensures excellent anti-vibration resistance for all applications requiring load control and reuse. Anti-vibration nylon thread locking is effective regardless, whether or not the mounting part is fully seated, making it ideal for applications, where required subsequent adjustments.

Blue a Red Nylon Patch 360

This threaded anti-vibration protection circuit provides full coverage (around the thread) and it is suitable for application, which require the use of repeatable high pressure seal against liquid or gas.


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