Advance applied threaded seals

The company Anocote offers a non reactive sealing systems, that effectively fills all axial tolerance and ensure that the seal when the working pressure and temperature. These materials are operating mostly on water basis, without curing. Precote ® is available 4, 5 a 15. Each of these materials then offers different combinations of properties.
In General, these materials are friendly to the environment, since they are created by a water-containing PTFE, that provides both sealing, and torsion capability. Provide immediate sealing when installed on the iron and non-ferrous, threaded parts and have a wide operating temperature range – around 200 ° C. These types of materials allow you to set the component after installation and in comparison with conventional methods and their subsequent removal. Overall, the offer when fitting the lower torque, than is achievable with common types of coupling material. In addition, thanks to the solid fill applied adhesives achieved the high torque of the permitting.
We understand the, that the requirements of the customers to the threaded feature sometimes require tailor-made solutions. In case of queries, you can contact us by email to discuss your individual requirements and with our expert. We will send by email for more information about thread PuTTY, We have available, Alternatively, you can call the phone. +420 495 221 331.
Precote is a registered trade mark of the company omniTECHNIK Mikroverkapselungs GmbH.