Reactive adhesives for belaying threaded joints

The company Anocote offers a wide range of reactive and none reactive adhesives and sealing systems. These systems ensure that the sealing and securing screw connection unintentional enabling, When the working pressure and temperature. Application according to DIN 267-27, or customer's wish.
These systems, hereinafter referred to as glue, include two possible ways of application, advance applied or applied on the spot. Company Anocote focuses on applied in advance to ensure the threaded joints.
These adhesives offer a lower torque than other common types of locking systems. In addition, ensure a high moment of authorisation, Thanks to the solid state and adhesion, which glue reaches full cure.
Advance applied adhesives are usually anaerobic or two-component, the material located in the strip around the coils, dry to the touch. When the fastener is turned against his counterpart, capsules of glue with ruptures, released material in and around the sides of the thread, Subsequently, vytvrdne and creates the lock link. Whereas, the glue is applied to the front, Assembly time of these fittings is significantly smaller than when you apply the glue directly to the place of final destination. In addition, the connection is even more consistent.
Reuse of industrial chemical in advance of the threaded feature is not recommended, because of the additional security depends on the amount of reusable adhesive, that's left on the bolt after the first installation.
Anocote offers a wide range of reactive locking adhesives, which include precote ® 85, 80 a 30, 3M ™ Scotch Grip ® 2353 a 2510. Each of these materials has different combinations of properties, sealing ability and the temperature range in which the range of, to meet current automobile specifications, such as e.g.. WX200 and WX201, as well as Perkins, CAT, Jaguar Land Rover, and more.
We understand the, that the requirements of the customers to the threaded feature sometimes require tailor-made solutions. In case of queries, you can contact us by email to discuss your individual requirements and with our expert. We will send by email for more information about thread PuTTY, We have available, Alternatively, you can call the phone. +420 495 221 331.
Precote is a registered trade mark of the company omniTECHNIK Mikroverkapselungs GmbH. Scotch-grip is a registered trademark of 3 m Company.